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your sorrows are a gold mine...

1) favourite song lyric(s) anything writen by connor oberst or saves the day is gold
2) top 10 bands: Bright Eyes, Cursive, Saves the Day, Something Corporate, Thrice, Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, Silverstein, Dashboard Confessional, Brandnew
3) top 5 movies: Shindler's list, Titanic,...ahh i think i need to watch more movies
4) top 5 books/magazines: hmm i also need to read more....
5) top 5 ...top five what?
6) top 5 foods: umm strawberries, cookiedough icecream, ljlkjs;akljj;ksjs too tired to think about food
7) favourite place to be; anywhere with you ;) hmm probably home,school, the library, the metro!, a friends house.
8) who would u marry in the music industry?! (connor and adam l are mine..fight for them if u dare..!) hmm I like to be realistic...

about you:

1) name: Emberly
2) hair colour: light brown
3) eye colour: green
4) tattoos? nope
5) piercings?ears four
6) if no, do you want any?
7) what turns you on? nice, inteligence, guys who are funny...or I just feel funny around them
8) what really turns you off? bad breath, cockyness, just being mean.
9) talk bout something u feel strongly about.. war should only be fought to help something, not to improve ego/whatever
10) a few pictures of yourself  sry only one

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