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take only what you need, my love, and leave the rest behind

forget all the mistakes my love they won’t be made again

lets get crazy..
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be nice to eachother or ill kick ur sarcastic moody lame ass out of here. vote promote and basically whore us so we get new people to play with! talk about what u want..cute boys, good music, bad music, whatever. just talk! and get crazy..

k apply, but please please put it in a l-j cut cos it looks prettier!

1) favourite song lyric(s)
2) top 10 bands
3) top 5 movies
4) top 5 books/magazines
5) top 5
6) top 5 foods
7) favourite place to be
8) who would u marry in the music industry?! (connor and adam l are mine..fight for them if u dare..!)

about you:

1) name
2) hair colour
3) eye colour
4) tattoos?
5) piercings?
6) if no, do you want any?
7) what turns you on?
8) what really turns you off?
9) talk bout something u feel strongly about..
10) a few pictures of yourself ( at least 3)