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1) favourite song lyric(s) go ahead you can laugh all you want to, but i got my philosophy, keeps me walkin when im falling down and i trust it like the ground -ben folds "philosophy"
2) top 10 bands- (no order) bright eyes, ben folds, postal service, red hot valentines, brand new, muse, sum 41, coheed and cambria, better than ezra, the streets
3) top 5 movies- rabbit proof fence, ice age, bend it like beckham, monty python (life of brian and holy grail)
4) top 5 books/magazines- sloppy firsts, second helpings (both by Megan Mccaferty), clockwork orange, the perks of being a wallflower
5) favorite place to be- Adelaide, South Australia
6) who would u marry in the music industry?! (connor and adam l are mine..fight for them if u dare..!)
about you: Ben Folds
7) name- Catherine
8) hair colour- brown
9) eye colour- brown
10) tattoos?no
11) piercings?no
12) if no, do you want any?not really
13) talk bout something u feel strongly about......suicide. what about it. i feel strongly about it. yea im boring i know, dont comment and reinforce that fact lol.
14) a few pictures of yourself ( at least 3) i am fully incapable of operating a camera, digital nonetheless to first of take a friggin photo, then somehow download it onto the computer. then friggin put it on a website. ive tried believe me.
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