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1) favourite song lyric(s) "infact, i wish you heart was mine, i can hear the memory in my ears, back to the years, and all of those tears. but hear me when i say we steared that way, cus now we're here.."
2) top 10 bands The Rocket Summer; I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Bussiness; Brand New; The Format; From First to Last; Fall Out Boy; Saosin; Straylight Run; SoCo; and The Cure.
3) top 5 movies Napoleon Dynamite; Old School; The Breakfast Club; Tommy Boy; and The Ousiders
4) top 5 books/magazines The Outsiders; Freaky Green Eyes; Can't Get There From Here; MargouX with an X; and Lenora Comic Books.
5) top 5
6) top 5 foods Green Pepers; Dr. Pepper (love that stuff) Banana Cream Pie; Chocolate; and Jelly Beans. 
7) favourite place to be  Out in the woods at the end of my street.
8) who would u marry in the music industry?! (connor and adam l are mine..fight for them if u dare..!) hmm...I'd marry Andrew from SoCo.

about you:

1) name Haley
2) hair colour Auburn
3) eye colour Blue/green
4) tattoos? none
5) piercings?ears
6) if no, do you want any? yea, i want my lip peirced
7) what turns you on? dorky computer stuff...oh and my buddy Ryan hehe
8) what really turns you off? Gross guys who like i dunno, aren't ever clean?
9) talk bout something u feel strongly about..

i dont understand why people get all depressed because they arent 'in love'. fuck that. that is stupid. i have been depressed before and you know what, love had nothing to do with it. love is not equal to life. that being said, i dont see why people cant get over the fact that they are missing something right then and there and just move on. they will find someone if they just quit looking. like that missing sock that you find under your bed two weeks later. would have never thought to look there, now would ya?

love is alright, but it isnt something you cant live without. find a greater reason to live. if you cant, dont expect me to stop you from pulling the trigger.

there, i'm done.

10) a few pictures of yourself ( at least 3)

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